Specialty Products

ChemGreen is proud to offer an ever expanding line of products. These products evolved from our work in the field of nano technology including nano particles and nano coatings. These unique products were developed in specific response to current customer's operational and/or application performance issues.

Ionic Fluid Technology has allowed us to develop a range of heat exchanger fluids with higher heat capacity with lower thermal resistance than heat exchange oils. Effective ranges include applications at temperatures from 100oC to 250oC. Finally, these fluids are 100% biodegradable and Environmentally Friendly.

Technology provides a hydrophobic (water-repellant) coating for most materials, including textiles and various fabrics, leathers, etc. The product is water soluble and is easily sprayed over the surface to be treated and allowed to dry. The surface is subsequently protected.

Work with Nano Technology has allowed us to develop electrically conductive gaskets with high flexibility and durability for ESD and EMI applications. The embedded nano additives significantly improve wear properties of gaskets and O-Rings. Samples are available upon request.

Whether it is an acidic compound or a solvent-based formulation, a chemical solution's ability and dissolution rate of a deposit is dependent upon "penetration" of the liquification chemistry into the deposit. The greater this efficiency, the more effective the chemistry will perform. Using nano particles, we are proud to offer customized surfactants that provide superior penetration into solids and deposits. Current formulations include additives for alkaline, acidic and solvent based chemical formulas.