ChemGreen is pleased to announce that it is an Authorized Distributor of PARAFOS

Parafos® is a multipurpose water treatment product, formulated from a unique blend of NSF® Tested and Certified ingredients. When added to water, Parafos® forms compounds and complexes with scale-forming minerals and metals holding them in a clear, odorless, tasteless and safe solution. Parafos® effectively and economically alleviates the problems and costs related to scale, stains and corrosion.

Parafos® - Economical to Use
Parafos® is a highly concentrated water treatment designed to treat a maximum amount of water. Only a small amount of Parafos® is required to effectively treat and protect your system. With Parafos® both capital and ongoing costs of water treatment are typically much lower than alternative methods. 

Parafos® - Reduces and Eliminates Scale and Deposits
Hard water scale deposits are typically found through all areas of water usage. Water heaters, piping and distribution systems, valves, nozzles, taps, heat exchangers, etc. are all affected by hard water mineral scale. Reduced heat transfer, clogged pipes, early equipment replacement and downtime are some of the results of scale deposits. Parafos® "ties up" or sequesters minerals such as calcium and magnesium, reducing and preventing their deposition, even at elevated temperatures. Further, Parafos® has the ability to gradually dissolve existing scale and iron deposits. By preventing and eliminating scale deposits Parafos® improves your energy efficiency!

Parafos can replace Water Softener Systems.  Operation and maintenance costs are also greatly reduced. Water use for backwash and regeneration is eliminated. Salt costs and labor intensive handling are eliminated.   Parafos® provides excellent protection from scale build up and also provides additional protection from corrosion - something water softeners cannot do.  Replacing water softeners with Parafos® saves water and may qualify you for rebates from your local municipal government.



  • Parafos® is Tested and Certified by NSF International, a respected international certification organization dedicated to being the leading global supplier of public health & safety based risk management solutions.
  • Parafos® is NSF Registered for use, as directed, in potable water systems.
  • Parafos® is Registered with NSF International's Nonfood Compounds and Proprietary Substances Registration Program for products used in processing & pre-processing stages of food production.
  • Parafos® is listed online in the NSF White Book™
  • Parafos® is suitable for use in food production facilities where potable water may come in contact with food. Parafos® is listed under the Canadian Food Inspection Agency as a non-food chemical product.
  • Parafos® products are manufactured by Keytech Water Management, an accredited ISO 9001 
    registered organization.
  • Parafos® may be suitable for use in Organic operations.


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