Durament is a patent-pending, highly concentrated liquid-dispersion solution aimed to reduce consumption in the road building sector.  It is designed to be mixed with Portland cement and in-situ aggregate.  Durament has been designed to achieve a high quality base, sub-base or capping layer in a wide range of soil types including high/low plasticity clays, silt, sand, gravel materials and recycled road products.


25-50% Higher Modulus of Elasticity Increases California Bearing Ratio (CBR)
Increases Ultimate Tensile Strength Can use fresh, brackish or salt water as water source
No "Die of Thirst" phenomenon Greater tensile strength than reinforced concrete
Increase road construction rates Protects cement from soil "poisons" such as salt



Durament TDS
Product Introduction Brochure
Bench Test Instructions
Pre and Post Application Instructions
Application Procedures
Canada Road Trial Results